Stephenie Serman

Patent Agent

Patent Agent Stephenie Serman knows that beyond the legal reasons for filing a patent lie the business reasons. During her career, Stephenie worked hand-in-hand with both legal and engineering teams to develop patent strategies based on the changing needs of the business. Stephenie led innovation sessions with engineering teams and assisted inventors with the development of invention disclosures.  She also participated in reveiwing overall patent portfolios to determine which patents maintained the desired value for the business, while pruning other less desirable patents. Throughout these activities, Stephenie gained valuable experience and learned how patents fit into an overall business strategy.

Industry Experience

Stephenie’s professional background includes three years of experience as a patent engineer in the automotive industry, as well as spending a year and a half working with a major automotive supplier designing systems to test and reflash radars.

Stephenie’s technical experience includes factory automation, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, in addition to robotics, electro-mechanical systems, medical devices and radar engineering.

While earning her degree in mechanical engineering, Stephenie’s education was concentrated in the automotive sector.  Following her undergraduate work, Stephenie pursued her master’s degree in robotics engineering at The University of Michigan with a focus on prosthesis and medical assistive devices while working part-time as an engineer.

Outside of the office, Stephenie enjoys being with her family and taking her two dogs to the local park.

  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Lawrence Technological University (2019)
  • M.S., Robotics Engineering, University of Michigan (2023)
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office