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Our clients turn to us to be their intellectual property flight crew. Our job is to help companies, inventors, and other innovators navigate the IP terrain so that they can arrive at their ultimate destination – success. Below are stories and samples of our work.

Oil Udder with Flag

Burris Law Case Study: Oil Udder

The Problem

Dream Machine LLC, a company founded by Michigan-based inventors Kevin Moran and Elliott Heinrich, were attempting to bring their first product to market. Their product, the Oil Udder, is a simple yet effective innovation that dramatically reduces spillage resulting from oil changes.

Oil Udder

Knowing that intellectual property theft of consumer products is widespread and could dramatically affect their bottom line, the pair wanted to secure protection for their IP. However, without much knowledge of IP law, the duo knew they needed professional legal counsel from experienced IP attorneys. So they turned to Burris Law.

The Solution

Burris Law attorney Robert Johns met with Kevin and Elliott to discuss their product. Because of the lawyer’s technical background, there was a minimal learning curve when it came to the design, manufacturing and functionality of the product, saving Dream Machine LLC significant time and costs. When explaining options for legal protections and the nuances of IP law, the attorney avoided relying solely on legal jargon and always followed up explanations with examples to ensure the inventors fully understood the patent process so that they could make informed decisions.

As for patent strategy, the lawyer explained that, in addition to filing a utility patent, the unique aesthetic of the product warranted the filing of a couple of design patents. The advantages of design patents are that they are quicker and cheaper to obtain and do not require maintenance fees, which was appealing to the cost-conscious start-up. Design patents also allow those who are infringed upon to collect the profits of infringers as damages.

The Result

Feeling fully informed, Kevin and Elliott confidently decided to pursue the filing of two design patents and one utility patent for their Oil Udder product. In a short amount of time, Burris Law was able to draft and submit patent applications to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which approved all patent requests without issue.

The Oil Udder product is currently for sale through the manufacturer’s website as well as major online retailers. The launch of the product and its initial success allowed Kevin to commit full-time to Dream Machine LLC, which plans to roll out more inventions in the near future.

You can read more about Oil Udder’s story in this interview with Kevin, Elliott, and Burris Law attorneys Robert Johns and Kelly Burris.

Bob and the rest of the Burris team were incredibly helpful throughout the whole process and well equipped to help us understand the patent process in layman’s terms. They were knowledgeable, swift, helpful, and adaptive from the initial discussion about the potential for patent protection all the way through responding to the examiner. We have already filed additional patents with the help of Bob and the rest of the Burris team. We could not be more happy with our experience!

Kevin Moran and Elliott Heinrich, inventors of the Oil Udder