Burris Law founder Kelly Burris recently was profiled by Law.com for its “How I Made It” series. The article focuses on the path Kelly took to start her own law firm, one that embraces the values of diversity, inclusion, collaboration, and excellence.

In the interview, Kelly discusses the deciding factor in starting her own law firm, saying that founding her own firm meant that she “would have the freedom to make [her] own decisions and build [her] own workplace culture.” In doing so, Kelly says she was able to create a firm where everyone has each other’s backs, which “is not something you see at a lot of firms.”

Kelly also talks about challenges she had to overcome when starting her own firm. For her, one challenge was recruitment. “We wanted to make sure we had the right people on board to set ourselves up for success,” Kelly told Law.com. “That means more than hiring people who can handle the work. It also means identifying candidates who are a cultural fit, which is why we make sure everyone on our team meets a candidate before we make a hire.”

You can read the full interview here.