• J.D., Wayne State University (2010)
  • M.S., Electrical Engineering, Wayne State University (2005)
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering, Wayne State University (2003)


  • United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • State Bar of Michigan
Abha Fadipe

Intellectual Property Attorney

Patent attorney and electrical engineer Abha Fadipe understands today’s competitive, global intellectual property environment better than most. She uses this knowledge to help companies, manufacturers, inventors, and start-ups develop smart patent strategies to meet changing needs and long-term goals.

Abha takes a comprehensive approach to drafting and prosecuting patent applications. She takes extra steps to push clients to think broadly and consider variations beyond an inventor’s initial concept. Her skill set allows her to foresee problems and proactively develop solutions. Where weaknesses in prior patents exist, Abha recommends to clients specific and valuable claim scope.

Drafting and prosecuting patent applications are just part of what Abha offers. Thanks to her diverse experience as both an engineer and lawyer, she also sits in on client ideation sessions, conducts proactive monitoring of competitor/technology patent landscapes, advises on patent documents for litigation matters, and helps with portfolio development. She also is a go-to educator for companies, helping engineers, inventors, and salespersons understand how to protect an in-process patent when pressed to communicate breakthrough developments with customers to win their business.

As a patent attorney, Abha enjoys the opportunity to work with various technologies, beyond electrical engineering. She appreciates that at Burris Law she can collaborate with colleagues across disciplines to ensure her client matters get comprehensive advice to achieve the best results. She sets honest expectations, employs original thought, shares options for discussion when available, and places a high priority on client service.

While working in Japan for a company with complex cross-border intellectual property needs, she says she learned what clients value most in patent counsel.

“Companies want accessibility, open communications, fair value, and quick turnaround,” Abha explains. “Beyond that, they are generally looking for real counsel, not just a person to push paper through—though pushing is sometimes required. Nothing is more frustrating than to submit patent documentation to an attorney for review and have it returned verbatim, including the same typos. That is just not acceptable. I always make sure my clients receive thoughtful reviews, proactive counsel, and regular communication.”

   Industry Experience

  • Before pursuing her law degree, Abha spent over three years working as an electrical engineer in the manufacturing industry at Tier 1 automotive companies. Above all, her field experience as an engineer allows her to view an invention from the inventor’s eyes, giving her the ability to understand the technology and describe it in terms that are easy for judges, juries, and patent examiners to read and understand.