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Kelly K. Burris

Intellectual Property Attorney

Mark Harper, PhD

Intellectual Property Attorney

Abha Fadipe

Intellectual Property Attorney

Neal Sanborn

Intellectual Property Attorney

Li-Hua Weng

Intellectual Property Attorney

Robert Johns

Intellectual Property Attorney

Mike Zalobsky

Intellectual Property Attorney

Miyoung Shin

Intellectual Property Attorney

George Patsarikas

Intellectual Property Attorney

Staff Members

Meet our Chief Operating Officer (COO) Linda Krause.

Linda has a knack for taking care of things so that we can be more productive on your matters.  But beware, she will likely bake something phenomenal that will blow your mind when you visit our office.



Burris Law has experienced paralegals that are effective in increasing the efficiency of our attorneys and increasing the quality of our work product. The result: your spend is reduced and our teams are more integrated.


We have two dedicated docketing professionals that understand the importance of accuracy and quality in your IP files. Your files are available to you 24/7 through a secure web portal, and Burris Law operates exclusively with electronic master files.


We also have in-house drafting capabilities and work with your CAD models or viewable geometry (e.g., eDrawings®) so that your team can focus on their work at hand, rather than spending needless time providing drawings/views for patent applications.


January 19, 2011 – June 25, 2018

Chief Security Officer since we opened our doors on February 1, 2016, our faithful companion Jake passed before his time from a tumor on his heart.

Those that knew him understood what a great dog he really was, how he was so good at going with the flow, and how he managed to put a smile on everyone’s face each day.

We will miss him dearly, and especially when the doorbell rings.

He was our James Dean, gone too soon.