Congratulations to Julie Zamler!

This is a special congratulatory post for the blog and one we have been very excited to share with everyone. Please join us in sending a huge congratulations to our very own Julie Zamler for passing the patent bar exam last week!!!!

We could not be more proud of Julie and all the hard work and dedication she has shown in order to further her career in IP Law and to become a Patent Attorney!  Julie started with us at Burris Law in May of 2018 as a Paralegal, and has been a valued member of our team ever since!  I know your fellow Paralegals will miss working with you, but we could not be happier for Julie and watching her career flourish at Burris Law makes us all very proud.  Developing talent is key to a successful organization, thankfully it is one of the areas we strive to be great in!  Cheers to Julie, we look forward to seeing you shine in your new role as Patent Attorney!