Burris Law Client Spotlight: Ford Motors Helps With PPE for Covid-19 Outbreak

Welcome to a new feature on our blog!  Going forward we will be doing a quarterly spotlight on one of our clients and what they are currently up to.  For this month, the obvious choice is Ford Motor Company.  Growing up in Detroit, you see the Ford name everywhere.  On cars, factories, office buildings and even stadiums.  One thing people do not realize is how much philanthropy the Ford family does for our area.  From the Ford Foundation to Ford Warriors in Pink, they are constantly working to improve our quality of life here in Metro Detroit and all around the world.  

During this trying time with the Coronavirus, Ford has stepped up in a major way to help out Americans in this time of need.

First off, they have started producing ventilators for distribution to hospitals nationwide. This is incredibly important as currently there is a worldwide shortage of ventilators.  Together with GE they plan to produce 75k ventilators a month by July 31st.


In addition, they have also started manufacturing protective shield face masks for the medical workers who are being exposed to the virus on a daily basis.  They were able to accomplish the incredible feat of producing 1 million face shields in 13 days!


Lastly, they have even got some of their top engineers together (digitally of course) and have created intricate coloring books to keep the kids entertained while stuck at home.


This is the type of behavior that helps Ford stand out from the competition, and nails the essence of what it means to be family business.  We salute you Ford!

Burris Law is proud to have them as a client, and even prouder of what they are doing for our country in this time of need.  Detroit will be back, stronger than ever.  Stay home and stay safe everyone!